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Dr. Derek Lauretzin (left) donates to Lions Clubs of SLO County

Dr. Derek Lauretzin (left) donates to Lions Clubs of SLO County

Local Optometrists have a long tradition of community outreach and service. In 1959, UC Berkeley’s  Orinda Study was the first interdisciplinary effort to establish the validity of a vision screening protocol and led to the development of the evidence-based Modified Clinical Technique (MCT).  Since the MCT requires a willing Doctor, this gold standard of children’s vision assessment has not been used in most schools nationwide. Locally, Dr. George McDonald, then Mayor of Pismo Beach and Jack Pence, Mayor of Arroyo Grande, armed with Orinda Research, started our annual program of elementary and high school exams that exists today.  Fortunately our willing local Doctors of Optometry have maintained and expanded this tradition of community service.  In 1986, Dr Doug Major, consolidated the county-wide program and has been its volunteer coordinator till the present.

The Doctors who provide Annual Vision Screenings to SLO County Children:

North County:
Dr. Brent Wells 238-1001 oca2020.com

Dr. Dan Hile   238-1001  oca2020.com
Dr. Sage Hider 466-3777  sloeye.com
Dr. Karen Kudija 238-1001  oca2020.com
Dr. Lisa Kopper 238-2020
Dr. Doug Major,  FCOVD  238-1001  oca2020.com
Dr.  Quin Immoos, 466-3777 sloeye.com
Dr.  Lauren Tackett, 466-3777 sloeye.com
Dr. Tiffany Smart, 772-1269
San Luis Obispo/Coastal
Dr. Jason Chang 542-0700
Dr. Dan Hile   528-5333  oca2020.com
Dr. Sage Hider 543-1447 sloeye.com
Dr. Steve Jio, 528-2237
Dr. Doug Major,  FCOVD  528-5333  oca2020.com
Dr. Krista Martin FAAO 542-0700
Dr. Nadine Norris  772-6166
Dr.  Quin Immoos, 466-3777 sloeye.com
Dr. David Schultz, 543-5200
Dr.  Lauren Tackett, 466-3777 sloeye.com
Dr. Brent Wells 528-5333 oca2020.com
South County:
Dr. Ben Palmer 929-2982  www.visionsoursce-nipomo.com
Dr. Scott Schachter  773-6000
Dr. John Prewett 489-2020
Dr. Ken Peterson 473-9393
Dr. Brent Wells 528-5333 oca2020.com
Dr. James Wietkamp  489-8410

Doug Major OD, FAAO
1112 Vine Street
Paso Robles CA 92446

RE:  School Vision Screening 2018

Dear Colleague,

Another year presents an opportunity to continue our 50+ years of serving the children of our communities. This year of fire, smoke and political divisions lets unify and provide clarity of sight for our youngest community members. Thanks for those who stepped in and made last year a success, your help is sincerely appreciated and still needed.

So, charge up your retinoscopes and please consider 3-4 date you can commit outside your office to serve our community schools and children. ALSO you are cordially invited to attend our annual SCHOOL NURSES APPRECATION DINNER.  Cost is $60 to help pay for the Nurses dinner. Same place and time, Madonna Inn Round room, Monday, September 10. Gather at 6:30 and dinner at 7:00.

Again let me express my appreciation of your shared commitment to this project over the time of my stewardship over the last 31 years.  It is important that we keep this shared project going and take the time in our busy professional and personal lives to develop and renew the relationships we share in serving our children and youth.

Please take the time to choose some dates (I need special help in South County) and RSVP for the Dinner.

Best Wishes and Highest Regards,

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